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Create a differentiated value oriented high-tech enterprise and create a diversified world of chemical fibers

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No Poverty

In India, the collection and classification of most plastic waste is supervised by the informal sector, where it is difficult for scavengers to obtain a normal source of income. Through our operations, we help these waste collectors become part of our formal recycling process and ensure that their collected waste prices are competitive.

Industrial Innovation and Infrastructure

Since its establishment, our goal has been to create clever solutions through environmentally friendly processes. Currently, it covers an area of 57000 square meters with a total investment of approximately $30 million, used for technology, production lines, buildings and warehouses, as well as human resources.

Responsible Consumption and Production

The company adheres to the goal of "protecting the environment and making life more colorful", adheres to the concept of "green, circular, and low-carbon", and creates a differentiated value oriented high-tech enterprise with perfect quality and service, creating a diversified chemical fiber world.

Climate Action

Polyester fiber is the fastest-growing part of all artificial fibers, accounting for approximately 82.68% of global demand for artificial fibers. Our process aims to meet this global demand by producing high-quality recycled polyester fibers to minimize the usage of virgin resources and reducing carbon emissions.